2006 Mazda MX-5 “Miata” Chat Review

An Affair to Remember – An Online Chat with Gaywheels.com: & CarDiva:

Gaywheels.com: : Good morning CarDiva. Rumor has it that you are somewhat of an expert on Miatas.  How ironic that our first car to review via the chat format is the new 2006 Mazda MX-5. How many Miatas have you owned?

CarDiva: : 3 – they were all black

Gaywheels.com: : and black means they were butch?

CarDiva: : you know it!

Gaywheels.com: : Yeah, whatever….next you are going to tell me that you bought them because they were fun to drive!

CarDiva: : they are very fun to drive, and black goes with any scarf color

Gaywheels.com: : LOL! Spoken like a true Diva.

Gaywheels.com: :….we had the pleasure of driving a new Mazda MX-5 for a week. What is your overall rating (scale of 1- 10, 10 being perfect)

CarDiva: : I would have to give the 2006 MX-5 a 9!

Gaywheels.com: : A 9, that is impressive. I’d give it a 8.5. What was your favorite improvement over the old cars?

CarDiva: : Well, I owned a 1994, 1999 and a 2000 and I would have to say the most noticeable improvements would be the power and structural rigidity

Gaywheels.com: : I’d have to agree. It felt really solid and the power was always just a pedal push away. The exhaust note was quite nice as well

Gaywheels.com: : What do you think of the new design? I found the front end to be a little comical at first but it grew on me

CarDiva: : I think it is fabulous, it incorporates some of the design features of the original, but still looks modern.  Although, I still miss the chrome door handles and the pop-up headlights!

Gaywheels.com: : Yes, I liked the original door handles and headlights as well. It was nice the way the interior was immediately familiar yet updated. How about that top? Did you like the way it worked?

Gaywheels.com: : It was really easy to raise and lower with one hand. A big improvement over the old ones, right?

CarDiva: : The tops have always been easy to raise and lower with one hand, but I think one of the best features is now there is no need to install a boot, which was always a challenge

Gaywheels.com: : Good point. Ok, so far, it was fun to drive, solid, easy to manipulate the top and it looks good……sounds like some men I’ve dated!

Gaywheels.com: : What didn’t you like?

CarDiva: : There was not much to dislike, except for the noise on the highway with the top up. Although this car is not made for long highway trips

CarDiva: : I also was not very impressed with the Bose stereo  – it did sound better when utilizing the CD vs. the radio though

Gaywheels.com: : What about the seat belt? I found it to be irritating on my neck. Did you have that problem?

CarDiva: : I had the same problem, it was very annoying! I had to adjust the seatbelt off my neck all the time.

Gaywheels.com: : The only other thing that I really didn’t like was the passenger seat leg room. It seems tighter than the older ones…and not in a good way

CarDiva: : It was very tight, almost uncomfortable

CarDiva: : Although when driving a car like this, I do not think you give a damn about your passenger’s comfort

Gaywheels.com: : Oh so true. It is all about YOU, right?

CarDiva: : oh yes it is, I got so many looks while driving this car, I felt like a movie star!

CarDiva: : or it might have been that I was a big hairy man, driving a little convertible

Gaywheels.com: : LOL! So, would you buy one?

CarDiva: : I would buy one, hell I have already had 3, why not make it 4

Gaywheels.com: : I think there is a support group for people like you……

CarDiva: : yes it is called Miata.net

Gaywheels.com: : I’d consider it as a second car. Not enough utility for me but I certainly liked the way it drove. MX-5 = FUN

CarDiva: : I think that it has plenty of utility if you are single with no kids. I went grocery shopping and the trunk swallowed a lot of junk

CarDiva: : maybe since there is no spare tire anymore, which I found strange

Gaywheels.com: : Sorry to hear about your bad eating habits……I went to Home Depot and couldn’t buy something because it wouldn’t fit.

CarDiva: : well either stop being so butch or buy a pickup!

Gaywheels.com: :  I’ll stick to my wagons thank you very much!

Gaywheels.com: : On that note, say goodnight gracie.

CarDiva: : goodnight boo!!


  • Engine – power                                                    
  • Manual transmission                                              
  • Solid chassis – little to no cowl shake                   
  • Handling – test vehicle w/ opt. suspension pkg     
  • Styling – interior/exterior     
  • Convertible top operation


  • Drivers seat belt – needed to adjust many times while driving
  • No variable intermittent wipers – only had 1 speed intermittent setting
  • Passenger leg room
  • Bose stereo
  • Drivers side door cup holder – found very difficult to use while driving

Summary (CarDiva ):

The 2006 Mazda MX-5 is a very exciting, fun vehicle to drive.  It made me very happy every time I would get in and drive.  I found myself finding reasons to go out and fighting off my partner for the keys.  Mazda has made some very noticeable improvements to the vehicle over the previous generations.  Although, it is still not my 1994 Miata, which was my favorite, Mazda has done a great job of preserving the fun to drive, exhilarating roadster that started in 1990. 

Summary (Gaywheels.com):

The MX-5 is definitely a blast to drive and I had a smile on my face EVERY time I got behind the wheel.  I was very impressed with how solid it is and a quick trip to the North Georgia mountains showed how much fun it can be in the twisties.  It would be a fantastic second car for me but as a homeowner, I simply need more versatility.  It will be interesting to see how new introductions to this segment like the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky will eat into Mazda sales.

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