2007 Saturn Sky

Driving Sky High

by Gaywheels.com Staff
We here are Gaywheels.com are a lucky bunch. We love our jobs, the site educates and inspires (we hope) and we get to drive new cars every week. Life is good.
In the year since we’ve been in existence, we’ve driven vehicles that range from entry-level economy cars to ultra-luxury sedans and few, if any, have elicited the response we received when piloting the 2007 Saturn Sky. We met neighbors that haven’t said hello in two years, total strangers stopped us in parking lots and vehicles chased us on the highway just to get a closer look. Even pulling into a gay club sandwiched between a new 5 series and an Audi A6 in the valet line, all eyes were on us. To say this car got us a lot of attention is an understatement. If you don’t like being the center of it all, this car is not for you.

2007 Saturn Sky

The first question was always “What is that?” After replying, we could bank on the universal look of disbelief and then the inevitable “That is a SATURN??? Wow!” Then came the big price reveal; “Yup, and it starts under $24,000” we’d say. Heads would shake, smiles spread across their faces and you could tell that Saturn just jumped onto their list of brands to consider. This is EXACTLY what a car like this is supposed to do.
You may have read about halo vehicles. They are cars and trucks that are designed with a specific customer in mind but ideally have the universal appeal that gets just about anyone’s automotive lust flowing. Most examples are either outrageously expensive or are simply not practical enough for most consumers. The Sky falls into the latter camp. It is a stunning design that is within reach of many consumers but just can’t meet the day-to-day needs of most drivers. The goal is to impress the consumers with the styling, innovation and performance and that brand “halo” will then rub off on other vehicles on the same lot. It remains to be seen how the Sky will influence sales of more mundane models but the reaction we experienced certainly was positive.

2007 Saturn Sky interior

Our bright and we mean BRIGHT, yellow Sky spent time scooting around Atlanta running errands, making the daily trek to the gym and even managed to handle a few days worth of groceries in the trunk. In just about every occasion, it brought huge smiles to our faces, made every on ramp a blast and catered to our desire to be the center of attention (ok, that was just one of us). On a road trip to Asheville, NC, it showed its true colors as a capable highway cruiser and then reveled on the switchbacks of the local mountain roads all the while averaging 25 MPG. Not bad for top-down motoring with our aggressive drivers behind the wheel.
Is the Sky the perfect vehicle? That depends. It only seats two people and the oddly shaped trunk barely holds a duffle bag and some ancillary accoutrements when the top is down. For a couple that shops a lot and needs to fit the latest end table from Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams, a Euro-wagon or stylish crossover would be more apropos.
If you want the latest in push-button top actuation, pass on by. The top is all manual and it isn’t as easy to raise and lower as its competitors.

2007 Saturn Sky interior

Looking for the fastest roadster around? Keep shopping. The engine could use more a little more oomph and a better exhaust note would be welcomed.
Want the absolute highest grade interior materials and storage compartments galore? Nope, not for you, there is a dearth of storage and some of the interior materials could be improved.
Interested in an incredibly sexy roadster that is a blast to drive, won’t break your bank account and gets more attention than an intoxicated, shirtless A&F cover model at last call? Then make your way down to your local Saturn dealer for a test drive. You’ll be driving Sky high in no time.
• Styling, styling, styling
• Suspension – not too hard, not too soft
• Fun-to-drive factor
• Great manual transmission
• Price – base MSRP of only $23,115!
• Top is not easy to raise and lower – must get out of car
• Some interior plastics felt cheap
• Oddly shaped trunk makes packing for two difficult

Saturn is a gay-friendly company.

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  1. 2007 Saturn Sky

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  2. This car rocks. I am so happy GM finally came out with something cool and affordable. It is at the top of my list when I am ready to buy

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