4 Cylinder+6 Cylinder+8 Cylinder = 10 Percent?

Our friend Ben over at OutFrontBlog (http://www.outfrontblog.com/) just posted some interesting comments about his recent visit to the LA Auto Show. Check it out and chime in with your comments.
Excerpt from the Post:
Car show season has begun. Maybe you wouldn’t think a gay man would know that, but you’d be wrong. The Advocate has featured several stories on gays and lesbians and their cars in the past few years, local publications such as the Washington Blade and MetroWeekly in Washington regularly feature car review columns, and there’s even a Web site – www.gaywheels.com – devoted solely to gay and lesbian car purchasing.
The automotive industry isn’t just a big business because of mom, dad and their minivan; it’s a big business because gay men and lesbians buy cars.