Community forms relationships with gay-friendly business and advertisers so you don’ t have to think twice when interacting with them. We are happy to announce this Community page which features our other partners including our new Music Store and coming soon, a Merchandise store. Support us by visiting our stores and our friends.

Blogs and Websites “Gay Car Geeks” Group on – just launched and we started a discussion forum there. Take a look, create a profile and connect with other gay car geeks. – Great source for everything gay in a city near you.
OutFrontBlog – A great blog that focuses on the issues related to gay and lesbian public relations and marketing communications and the challenges associated with communicating by, for, with and to our community.
Delta Daily – Make your browser’s homepage. It links you to search and your current email. Plus, with Gay and Lesbian headlines, you stay aware of the news affecting our community. – New blog that discusses motor culture as an integral part of LGBT history. Their goal is to include all aspects of motor culture: fashion, movies, art, history, language, history and literature as well as the social aspects such as car and bike clubs. Check them out and join the discussion!



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Visit our store named Gaywheels Grooves and download the latest music for your MP3 player or to burn for your next roadtrip. Merchandise – COMING SOON!