2007 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Sedan

A Subie for Him (and Her!)

by Joe LaMuraglia

2007 Subaru Legacy GT

In the almost two years that we’ve been working on Gaywheels.com, we have had to explain our mission more times than we can count. That in itself is no surprise. As a small business, we are constantly selling ourselves to advertisers, business partners, investors and the like. Once our audience understands what we are trying to do and we explain the idea of a gay-friendly manufacturer, they inevitably say “Oh, like Subaru”.

Our friends at Subaru have done an excellent job of building brand awareness in the GLBT community. Their commitment to advertising in the GLBT media and supporting our causes has reaped awards, recognition and ostensibly, brand loyalty. The big question is has all this brand building sold cars? That is, after all, the goal of each car company – to move the metal.

2007 Subaru Legacy GT

While not backed with any hard sales data, our observations indicate the answer is yes, and no. Subaru’s involvement with Martina Navratilova and advertising in the GLBT media has given them a stronghold with the “L” in GLBT. That is fantastic brand association but ask yourself this; when is the last time you associated a Subaru with a gay man? That is what we thought. We are fairly certain that the marketing folks at Subaru love the fact that lesbians are loyal to the company while simultaneously struggle with the notion that they are perceived as a lesbian-only brand in our community. They want to sell to the G, the L, the B AND the T!

We are here to say that Subaru should be on everyone’s shopping list and the 2007 Legacy 2.5 GT is the perfect car to attract those among us that want a sophisticated, gay-friendly sports sedan with all-weather capability, no matter your gender or sexual preference.

We drove a 2007 Legacy 2.5 GT Limited sedan and cannot say enough good things about it. The exterior styling is unique and sporty with a touch of luxury. It isn’t exactly gorgeous but it certainly says “drive me” – think Daniel Craig, the new James Bond.

2007 Subaru Legacy GT

Everything in the interior from the Momo steering wheel to the wood-adorned shift lever felt wonderful to the hand. The controls are easy to find, well-lit and very straightforward in their design. Stomp on the gas and the real fun begins. The optional SI-DRIVE, a sophisticated throttle mapping program, allows you to choose one of three throttle responses (Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp) depending on your situation or whim. Partnered with Subaru’s legendary AWD, it gives you the extra control that we all secretly desire. Want to save fuel? Leave it in Intelligent mode and the computer will maximize MPG while still delivering a fun-to-drive experience. Feel like tearing up some mountain roads? Select Sport or Sport Plus and hold on tight. There is a discernable difference in the shift points. Either way, this car is FUN to drive.

2007 Subaru Legacy GT

For the price, you’ll be hard pressed to find an AWD sedan that has the stand-apart styling, fun-to-drive factor, visibility and overall ease of use as the Legacy GT. At an as-tested $30,000 it may seem a bit steep for a non-luxury sedan but we think it is worth it. Go ahead, be different. We dare you.

Subaru is a gay-friendly company.

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