Let’s Talk: 2008 Buick Enclave

How fabulous is that?


At Gaywheels.com, our mission is to bring you the latest on gay-friendly cars, their owners and the companies that build them. But sometimes we get the chance to experience vehicles in the way their owners would. Recently, we did just that when we attended a fabulous event with Buick in Napa, Calif.
If you can’t get a mental picture of the Buick brand in the gorgeous luxury of the California wine country, don’t feel bad. They haven’t had a vehicle that fit the upscale, luxurious and thoroughly American scene in Napa – until now.
We weren’t alone, either. Gaywheels.com’s founder Joe LaMuraglia explored the Northern California countryside with the “Chief Mother” from MotherProof.com, Kristin Varela, as his co-driver. And we were curious — do gay drivers see the Enclave through the same eyes as a full-time Mom does? Here’s the result from their online chat review of the 2008 Enclave:

Gaywheels.com: Hello darling
MotherProof: Hi Love!
Gaywheels.com: : Welcome to the world of chat…you’re a chat virgin right?


MotherProof: I am in fact a chat virgin. You’re my first (don’t tell my parents). You’ll hold that place in my heart forever
Gaywheels.com: : Lovely….too bad I don’t play that way….I won’t tell if you don’t
MotherProof: It really is too bad. Why is it all the cool guys are gay? That’s no fair!
Gaywheels.com: : It’s a conspiracy I tell you! So, we met on the fab Buick trip….did I just use “Fab” and “Buick” in the same sentence?
MotherProof: You did – I was just as shocked as you, actually.
Gaywheels.com: : Shocked about the car or how incredibly fantastic your driving partner was?
MotherProof: Well both, actually. I usually get stuck with the crusty old men as driving partners (not that I have anything against them, it’s just nice to get some new blood in the driving pool).
Gaywheels.com: : Ditto…it is always nice to have a young, attractive driving partner…even if you are a girl…and you smell better too
MotherProof: The feeling is mutual. Did you smell me? Huh! That’s kinda weird…….
Gaywheels.com: : LOL….girls definitely smell different than boys and much better than crusty old men! So, this is about the Buick Enclave….


MotherProof: oh right, the car
Gaywheels.com: : I wanted to chat with you because you’ll give a different point of view…being a Mom and all and I think this vehicle is so gorgeous, it’s going to appeal to Moms, Dads, lesbians, gay men…and everything in between
MotherProof: I definitely have a different take on cars that the usual automotive journalists.
Gaywheels.com: : The idea is to keep the target customer in mind, right?
MotherProof: Yes. I have to say that my heart was so warm during the marketing presentation when the car was loaded to the brim with mom stuff. You know – groceries, a red wagon and car seat
Gaywheels.com: : They did their homework…next time I expect some hot underwear models….I mean…..oh never mind….can’t get myself out of that one….back to the Enclave…it is all about adding luxury to practicality, agreed?
MotherProof: Luxurious practicality – I think you should trademark that and sell it to Buick
Gaywheels.com: : with a hint of sexy design to boot….
Gaywheels.com: : What did you think of the exterior design….did you like it when you first saw it?
MotherProof: It’s a beautiful looking car, for sure. I really like it. But like we talked about during the event, I prefer it in a dark color as opposed to white. Darker colors give it a more sophisticated look.
Gaywheels.com: : Very true..the white doesn’t do it justice…although I saw a silver one on the road and it was stunning…Again, “stunning” and “Buick” don’t normally appear in the same sentence…but there is more to this vehicle than just the design…there is substance as well. What was the most surprising thing about the vehicle for you?
MotherProof: I have to say that the most noticeable thing to me from the very beginning was what was lacking in the car: noise. It is incredibly quiet – which is great for all types of people, but especially for moms who need to hear little Susie in the 3rd row meekly pleading for a potty break
Gaywheels.com: : Or the small puppy in the rear cargo area quietly gnawing on some Manolo Blahniks!
MotherProof: oohh – that would be HORRIBLE.
Gaywheels.com: : I agree..the Quiet Tuning was very impressive…and I really enjoyed how Buick explained the way they achieved it…and the interpretive dance we came up with to show it…Reduce, Block and Absorb!
MotherProof: Jazz Hands!

2008 Buick Enclave

Gaywheels.com: : LOL! I was thinking about it and besides the design, the whisper quiet ride I came away very impressed with how easy it was to drive such a large vehicle…they did a great job making it “drive small”
MotherProof: It was even easy for me to drive, at my towering 5’2″ stature. Parking was a breeze too, as you know, you parking contest winner.
Gaywheels.com: : Oh, you are too kind….but I did ROCK that parking contest! I noticed that you seemed very confident behind the wheel…was it easy to adjust for you? The seats, steering wheel etc?
MotherProof: Everything adjusted rather well and simply. I’m especially a fan of backup cameras. Are you aware that more than 50 kids are backed over in the U.S. EVERY WEEK!!???
Gaywheels.com: : Wow, I did not know that….so are backup cameras high on your readers’ list of “must haves”?
MotherProof: If they’re not already, than we’re certainly trying to get them to consider them. They’re not fool proof, but every bit of added safety is worth it if there’s a chance at saving a child’s life.
Gaywheels.com: : Very true….so, for our parents out there that are reading Gaywheels.com, how does the Enclave rank as a family-friendly vehicle?
MotherProof: My initial impressions are really strong: Three sets of LATCH connectors give parents of small kids several options for installing child safety seats. Also, the easy-fold seats offer plenty of flexibility to go from carpooling on the weekdays to Drag Queen Bingo on Friday night. Not that all your readers go to Drag Queen Bingo, but I bring it up ’cause a friend of mine went last weekend w/o me and I was jealous.
Gaywheels.com: : Well, I was going to say….drag queen Bingo, antiquing, enter your stereotype of gay life here”ing”….if you need room for up to 8, versatility and gorgeous design from a gay-friendly manufacturer, you should consider the Buick Enclave.
MotherProof: I agree. Want to go to Bingo now?
Gaywheels.com: : Only if I get to be Barbara Streisand!

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