2008 Saab 9-3 Convertible

Summer lovin’, Swedish-style. by Marty Padgett In either case, the Saab’s engine whistles while it works, putting the Convertible to highway speeds at a comfortable pace that’s a little more languid than BMW’s 335i Convertible or Volvo’s C70 four-seat convertible…

2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid

Nissan’s gas-electric Altima Hybrid shows up late to the hybrid party, but makes a vivid impression. by Scott Corlett Tired of paying Prada prices for premium gasoline? Worried about cuddly polar bears drowning in an Arctic bereft of ice? Still…

Gaywheels Picks: Chicago Auto Show’s Top 5

Chicago’s auto show may play a distant second to Detroit when it comes to new cars and trucks. But in the Windy City this year, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler brought new family haulers–and one ass-hauler–while Volkswagen finally rejoined the minivan market after years of absence. The highlights from this year’s Chicago show are at Gaywheels.com today!

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR

Flexing muscles you’d never guess it had. by Marty Padgett Big, hulking American musclecars like the Mustang and Camaro make middle American straight boys drool. But on the coasts, where the trade winds blow a little more briskly, it’s scalding-hot…

Stranger Days: Richard Simmons at the Super Bowl?

You would never have guessed it, but one of the commercials due to air during the Super Bowl on February 3 features two names you’ve never heard in connection with the big game: Bridgestone tires and Richard Simmons. See the clip inside Gaywheels.com right now!

2008 Lexus GX 470

Spreadin’ the LUV with a big Lexus ute. by Scott Corlett Unlike many LUVs, the 2008 Lexus GX 470 is a true utility vehicle. Mechanically, the GX 470 is related to its mid-market cousin, the Toyota 4Runner. Both share body-on-frame…

Nip/Tuck? Benz Tweaks the CLS

It’s the “four-door coupe” that started the whole trend — and now Mercedes’ CLS is getting a nip/tuck for the ’09 model year. What gets plucked, tucked, snipped and lifted in the process? See the “after” pic inside Gaywheels!

Trucknuts Banned?

What’s up with straight guys, that they have to decorate their vehicles with artificial scrotii? We’re not exactly sure, but for some reason these rubber naughty bits are causing all sorts of legislative hullaballoos in the mid-Atlantic regions. Get the gonad news inside Gaywheels now in a totally work-safe way.

Scion’s xB Goes to 5.0

Scion’s growing up — and this year it’s all the way up to 5. Toyota’s youth division says its new xB Release Series 5.0 is the first special edition of the new year and Gaywheels has the details on how Scion’s blinging in 2008.

It’s Electric: GM Plugs in with Chevrolet Volt


Electric cars may be dead for now – but a few automakers are trying to bring them back to life. Hold on to your Sierra Club cards, because the actual leader of the push for the return of mass-production electric vehicles is none other than Detroit’s General Motors, with its plug-in hybrid, the Volt.