Gaywheels Picks: Chicago Auto Show’s Top 5

Chicago’s auto show may play a distant second to Detroit when it comes to new cars and trucks. But in the Windy City this year, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler brought new family haulers–and one ass-hauler–while Volkswagen finally rejoined the minivan market after years of absence. The highlights from this year’s Chicago show are at today! [...]

Nip/Tuck? Benz Tweaks the CLS

It’s the “four-door coupe” that started the whole trend — and now Mercedes’ CLS is getting a nip/tuck for the ’09 model year. What gets plucked, tucked, snipped and lifted in the process? See the “after” pic inside Gaywheels! [...]

Trucknuts Banned?

What’s up with straight guys, that they have to decorate their vehicles with artificial scrotii? We’re not exactly sure, but for some reason these rubber naughty bits are causing all sorts of legislative hullaballoos in the mid-Atlantic regions. Get the gonad news inside Gaywheels now in a totally work-safe way. [...]