Stranger Days: Richard Simmons at the Super Bowl?

You would never have guessed it, but one of the commercials due to air during the Super Bowl on February 3 features two names you’ve never heard in connection with the big game: Bridgestone tires and Richard Simmons.
Bridgestone? Okay, we see the connection. Guys (and gals) buy cars, and tires go on cars. But Simmons? Bless her heart, she’s in a funny 30-second spot done by the tire company, which is also sponsoring the game’s halftime show. In the ad, the world’s bounciest, least appropriately dressed lifecoach is dancing on a road at night–when a car barrels at him, headlights blaring.
We’d love to give away the ending…er…tell you more about the commercial, but all we could find was an AP video of the first ten seconds, along with a tease for the second Bridgestone commercial. You’ll just have to watch the actual game–and that hunky Tom Brady–to catch the rest: