Trucknuts Banned?


What’s up with straight guys, that they have to decorate their vehicles with artificial scrotii? We’re not exactly sure, but for some reason these rubber naughty bits are causing all sorts of legislative hullaballoos in the mid-Atlantic regions. First it was the state of Maryland that tried to ban the prosthetic balls; now Virginia State Delegate Lionel Spruill is working to de-sex trailer hitches across his fair state. Autoblog reports that these “Truck Nuts” are being held responsible for distraction on the road by Spruill. Goodness knows how much more distracting they could be than rolling DVD players, but Spruill is trying to get a bill banning the balls through the state legislature. Stay tuned for more in the sex-organ saga, but don’t expect us to be out there strapping a hefty pair on our truck. It’s a Honda Element and it would look a little ridiculous, no?
Virginia trying to ban Truck Nuts – Autoblog