2008 BMW 1-Series

1 is the new 3

by Joe LaMuraglia

2008 BMW 1-Series

If you’ve lived near or visited any gayborhood in the U.S. in the past 10 years, you have been witness to the popularity of the unofficial vehicle of gaylandia; the BMW 3-series. Available in coupe, sedan, convertible and near-supercar M3 trims, it satisfied a myriad of needs for the growing GLBT elite. Just as the sands of time move us from being twinks to daddies, the mighty 3-series BMW may be replaced by one of its own; the new 2008 1-Series by BMW.

2008 BMW 1-Series

Those of you that are fans of the 3-series may have noticed; it has gotten larger, more expensive and rolled further from its roots as a true four-door sports sedan. Enter the young upstart in the form of the 128 or 135 in either coupe or convertible. Featuring the same engines as their bigger and older siblings and coming in at a lighter, more nimble weight, the 1-series cars are back-to-basics vehicles that remind us what the BMW driving experience (and our youth!) should be in its purest sense; fast, fun and free.
We spent a day with both vehicles in and around Monterey, CA and the 128i Convertible won our hearts. It is driver’s car first and foremost with luxury items available for those who want them. The base 3.0 liter engine with 230 horsepower is silky smooth and perfectly matched to the weight of the vehicle. We can’t imagine needing the additional 70 horses provided by the twin-turbo 6-cylinder in the 135i but for power addicts, it is a sublime choice.

2008 BMW 1-Series

The 1-series in all trims claims to be a four-seater. The Coupe may be able to handle the occasional adult in the rear, but the convertible’s tight quarters in the back limits comfortable entry for anyone of average size or larger. It’ll do in a pinch but anything longer than a quick jaunt would not be advisable. Like so many things, it is more for show.
Cost of entry for the 1-Series is lower than the rather pricey 3-series. The 128i Coupe starts at $29,375 and the Convertible starts at $33,875. Considering that there is nothing else from a luxury brand that comes close to those numbers, it is easy to see that the 1 will very likely be the new 3.
Here is a slideshow of BMW 1-Series Coupe and Convertible Photos – courtesy of BMW N.A.

BMW is a gay-friendly company.

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