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2017 BMW M240i ups the ante for second place [video review]

Earlier this summer, I reviewed the BMW 230i and declared it my “second favorite BMW” after the i8 plug-in. I may have been a big too hasty in that pronouncement. While I liked the 230i’s simplicity and manual transmission, one…

2017 BMW X4 M40i: The ultimate driving machine and cool af

Those of you who know what af means will totally understand the high praise. To the rest of you, my apologies for getting a little irreverent, but it’s no sign of disrespect. In fact, quite the opposite. I recently spent…

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2017 BMW 230i keeps it simple [video review]

The 230i is my second-favorite BMW. What’s the first, you ask? Well, that would be the i8 plug-in hybrid, which is in an entirely different league of cool altogether. I like the 230i because it is the kind of car…

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2016 BMW M2 is a cute little nightmare

The BMW M2 is a cute little nightmare. There’s something about it that makes you want to run up to hug it before running for the hills without even stopping to warn your village peeps. Back to the M2, there’s…

BMW i3 Extends Its Range To The Future

BMW’s revolutionary i3 looks like it rolled out of a futuristic sci-fi flick like Demolition Man or Back to the Future. While it still needs roads, the sucker’s electric. Mostly, until it kinda isn’t. Confused? Yeah, well, let me explain….

2015 BMW M4 Convertible Makes You Feel Naughty

I felt so naughty after driving the M4 that I should have had a cigarette.  It looks like it will cut a diva and has the engine to serve stinging rebuke to serious muscle cars.  What once was the M3…

2015 BMW i8 Will Leave You Forever Changed

During a photo shoot, parked at Redondo Beach near L.A., it took almost two hours to shoot 5 minutes of usable video.  People just kept coming up, snapping photos, and asking questions about the car.  Which is totally cool.  People…

2014 BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon: A Very Sexy Diesel

In the early 1980s, after their Pontiac Phoenix disintegrated, my parents bought an Oldsmobile Cutlass diesel wagon — woodgrain, burnt orange paint and all. It rattled like a Peterbilt, stunk like a truckstop, was anything but sexy, but sparked my affection for both wagons and diesels. I’m weird. While nothing you’d take to the club, it was efficient, perfectly-sized, and practical. Race ahead 30 years through a few trips to the gym and you get something like the BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon.

BMW 335i GT xDrive Improves The Quintessential Sport Sedan

BMW’s 3-Series is the quintessential sport sedan, setting a tough standard that others struggle to attain. But, it is not perfect. While it’s a finely-engineered toy from behind the wheel, rear seat passengers are better left behind. And, luggage space? There’s usually enough, but sometimes not enough. A low ride height enhances handling, but makes stooping in less than elegant. There’s room for improvement.

2013 BMW X1: Luxury On The Cheap

BMW’s new X1 crossover wagon is supposedly the entry-level Ultimate Driving Machine for the upward-striding NQR40s (that’s Not Quite Rich, Under 40). The car starts at $30,650 without destination, but when our tester arrived, it stickered at $44,245! Hardly cheap. But, I’ll show you how to get a great little Bimmer much closer to the magic $30k threshold and put some money back into your skinny jeans fund.