We Have A Winner!

2004 Volvo V70 Wagon

We ran a contest a few months ago called “So You Think You Can Write?” where we challenged our readers to review their own vehicles. The response was good and while some entrants quickly realized that writing a review isn’t as easy as it seems, the majority took the time to compose thoughtful analyses of their chariots.
After careful review of the entries, I am happy to announce that we have a winner. “Volvo Owner” reviewed his 2004 Volvo V70 Wagon and gave insight to his rationale for purchase as well as his satisfaction every time he drives “Vivian”. He will be awarded a $50 gas card for his first-place finish.

The Eventuality of the Volvo Wagon

Growing up in the Northeast, most of my youth was spent being shuttled around in the back of a Volvo wagon. Being a kid who had more than a passing interest in cars, it always seemed like riding on an appliance, which generated about as much excitement in me as the washing machine in our laundry room. As with most things in life, my perception has changed a lot with age.
It was not in the Northeast, but in sunny Southern California where I purchased my 2004 Volvo V70. I was turning 30, had a house, two dogs and a point or two on my license from having an incurable lead foot. I had resisted even looking at Volvos because of the impression I had formed as a kid. However, the absence of available station wagons finally forced me to look at the V70.

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