GM Bankruptcy – News Conference

by Joe LaMuraglia
Every have “one of those days”? I’m not sure about you but the frequency of my “one of those days” seems to be on the uptick lately. Imagine being an automotive journalist and realizing that you’ve scheduled a flight during the EXACT time that some of the biggest news in the auto industry drops. Also imagine having nobody to cover it while you are at 30,000 feet and to add salt to the wound, the technology that you thought would save the day isn’t functioning as you are forced to shut your laptop off in preparation for the flight. Welcome to my Monday, June 1, 2009.
While the rest of the world was watching GM’s every move today, I was in the midst of my own personal planes, trains and automobiles saga. While I recover, you can watch the press conference below care of GM. You can also visit GM’s site, GM Reinvention ( to get their perspective.