2009 MINI Cooper Convertible – A Weekend Drive

2009 MINI Cooper Convertible

July 2nd, 2009 – Believe it or not, one of the most challenging part of my job is making sure that I get into the cars and trucks that our readers want to hear about. It isn’t just getting into the right product but making sure that I am here to actually DRIVE them. So when my assistant Donny informed me that I had a 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible over this holiday weekend AND I was scheduled to be here to drive it, I was overjoyed.
We’ve already posted a review of the MINI Cooper S Convertible by our Atlanta contributor Colin Mathews. The Cooper S is a blast to drive but it is the more expensive version and likely to be considered by fewer people. The majority of buyers will most likely opt for the base version with an automatic so this will be a great test.
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I hope you enjoyed reading about my time in the 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible as much as I enjoyed driving it. It is a very fun vehicle and with a base price of $23,900 it isn’t out of reach. As with all MINIs, the price climbs quickly when you begin to add any goodies. The Cooper Convertible I drove had a suggested retail price of $27,800 !
There are few competitors that can match the Cooper Convertible when it comes to the cuteness factor or the daily smile that it will put on your face. For those of you that are urban dwellers that will appreciate the Cooper’s ability to park, want a high “look at me” quotient and aren’t worried about 0-60 times, the base version with the automatic will be just fine. If you want any sort of sporty drive experience, opt for the S that adds 54 horsepower (172 HP).

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