Superbowl Car Commericals – Bridgestone

Bridgestone has been doing teaser ads for the big game for a few years now. In 2008, we showed the teaser for their ad featuring Richard Simmons, and in 2009 we shared the preview of their Mr. Potato Head ad. This year’s previews are below. The first (“Your Tires or Your Life”) features images of an escape in a Mad Max’esque landscape. The second, called Whale Tail, features an Orca in car full of young hip twenty somethings. Both do what teasers are designed to do: plan to tune in to find out what happens next. I’m certainly curious to see how they tie the story lines into tires.

Click on the brand logos below to see their respective commercials/teasers for the big game.

audi-logo.jpgbridgestone-logo.jpghyundai_logo.jpg kia_logo.jpgThumbnail image for LOGO_VW_DAS_AUTO.jpg