Superbowl Car Commercials – Audi

This ad is one of a series of spots from Audi that are pseudo public service announcements about enforcing green policies. The ads have been causing some controversy over the use of the term “green police”. Seems that some people are offended that the same name was used for police in Nazi-era Europe. Audi passed the ads by Jewish leaders in the U.S. and got their approval before airing them. You can’t please everyone…
Controversy aside, the ads aren’t exactly groundbreaking and while I can imagine how Audi is going to make the connection to their clean diesels, the campaign seems beneath them. Especially after their amazing commercial called “Oil Parade” and their prior superbowl efforts like the ad featuring the steaming Jason Statham. I suppose we’ll be watching to find out how this plays out..and THAT, in the end, is exactly what they want us to do.

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