Lee Friedlander: ‘America By Car’ At The Whitney

Just a quick note to the carhounds out there who also appreciate fine art photography: Lee Friedlander’s stunning solo exhibition entitled “America By Car” is on view for one more month at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art. The show features photos taken from inside vehicles — in fact, as you can see in “Montana” (2008) above, the greenhouse of the car becomes a framing device. It’s like what most of us see every day, only prettier, and on a museum wall.

Friedlander shot from the front seats of rental cars on trips around the country, meaning that there’s a range of vehicles represented, both foreign and domestic. If you can’t make the schlep to New York, you could always pop over to Amazon and pick up the book for yourself or a friend. Or possibly as an early holiday present for your favorite auto site. You know, just a thought.

“America By Car” runs through November 28 at the Whitney Museum of American Art, 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street in New York.