Summertime Memories: Provincetown’s Mercedes Cab Company

Mercedes Cab Company

Baby, it’s cold outside. No, really — it’s freakin’ cold, y’all. Even at Gaywheels South, in normally hot and humid New Orleans, we’re sporting jackets and hats and gloves and whatnot. You know it’s serious when Southerners pull out the scarves.

And so, trapped indoors for fear of frostbite, we’ve been thinking about all the fun we had this summer — the traveling, the friends, the beaches, the heat rash. And of the many places we’ve visited, the one most of us agree on, the one that we remember most fondly, is Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Whether you’re L, G, B, T, Q, or none of the above, if you’ve never made the trek to the tip of Cape Cod, we encourage you to give it a go. First-timers should probably avoid the bigger theme weeks like Bear Week — they can be a little overwhelming. But no matter when you go, be sure to bring a good pair of sneakers, because Provincetown is great for strolls and bikerides, but not so much for cars. With one major exception.

Since most people arrive in Provincetown without a car — usually because they’ve come by ferry from Boston or via puddlejumper to the town’s tiny airport — Provincetown has a cab company to shuttle folks around. But it’s not just any cab company; it’s the one and only Mercedes Cab. Have a look at this clip that the automaker Mercedes put together to honor the company, and think warm, toasty thoughts.

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