How To Help Your Friends Chose The Right Car: Infographic

Part of Gaywheels’ reason for beingĀ is to give LGBT shoppers and car-owners the facts they need to make informed decisions. Dealerships and garages can often feel like Old Boys’ Clubs (translation: Straight Old Boys’ Clubs), and that, in turn, can feel intimidating to many LGBT consumers — including us.

As a Gaywheels reader, you’ve hopefully gotten a lot of useful info from our car reviews and news articles, and you might’ve even been called upon to help an indecisive friend in the showroom. Now, that process has gotten a little easier with a new infographic from KBB.

The folks behind everyone’s favorite little Blue Book put this together for shoppers in in the market for a new compact sedan — the kind that so many of our friends drive. It includes four great options for four types of friends in your life.

All four are great cars, and three of them come from gay-friendly companies. (Maybe one day, Hyundai will join the 21st century.) It’s probably worth noting that the three cars from gay-friendly automakers — the Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus, and Honda Civic — scored higher on both the “fun” and “comfort” grids.

Now, go forth and be an informedĀ adviser!