Representative Ed Soliday’s Attempt To 86 Indiana’s LGBT License Plates Is On Hold

Remember when we told you that Indiana was adding an LGBT-friendly license plate to its roster of specialty plates? Well, that didn’t sit to well with conservative lawmakers in Indianapolis. In fact, Republican representative Ed Soliday of Valparaiso was so sickened by the idea of tolerance and harmony that he introduced a bill to nix specialty plates altogether.

The good news is that Soliday has now pulled that bill. Given the drubbing that social conservatives have taken over the past few months — from Rick “frothy mix” Santorum to Rush “we wanna watch” Limbaugh — we’re going to assume that Soliday’s GOP colleagues asked him to focus on less divisive matters. You know, for the good of the party.

The bad news is that Soliday has promised to introduce the bill again next year.

Indiana readers: let us know if you have any special insight on this one. And by all means, keep us posted!

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