2015 Detroit Auto Show: Highlights From Day 2

It’s funny how, when you’re away from home, time moves differently. You can take the briefest three-day beach trip, and on the way home, you’ll think, “It feels like we’ve been away forever”.

The same is true at conventions like the North American International Auto Show. This year, I was on the ground for about two days, but given everything that was crammed into those 48 hours, the trip felt much, much longer.

I’m still digesting everything I saw and heard, still sifting through press kits. (Thank goddess the days of file folders and CDs are over, and we’ve moved to an era of itty-bitty jump drives and QR codes. So much easier to pack.) When I’m done, I’ll put together my best and worst picks for this year’s Detroit Auto Show.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from day two. Click through, and you’ll see a couple of very special guests in the mix!