2015 Volkswagen Tiguan: Fast & Fun? Yes. Festive & Fabulous? Meh.

2015 Volkswagen TiguanNow that we know for sure that Volkswagen installed devices to make their cars seem more emissions efficient, those Germans may long for the days when the only bad press they got was when some nutty car reviewer didn’t like their cars ….. like this one.

As we near the model year end (well, it already has ended, for the most part), I wanted to give you my pure unfettered opinion of the 2015 Tiguan, and it is …. Meh. I will say this, there is a lot of spunk to be found in the Tiguan. It’s amazing what a turbo-charge can do for a little 4-cylinder engine, and with the Tiguan, it’s a 2.0-liter engine that coughs up 200 horsepower and 207 torque. That’s quite impressive for any car. The engine is its best feature; not sure it gets much better from there.

The 2015 Tiguan ain’t cheap. Starting at around $28K, you will have to put out a few skins just to drive off the lot. Some people have decided to learn about equity release as an option to get a cheap loan for a car like that. Sure, anymore, that’s nothing when it comes to buying a new car, but when you consider that its main competitors, like the Honda CR-V and the Mazda CX-5 generally come in a lot cheaper and IMHO have more curb-appeal, I am at a loss as to what would motivate people to buy the Tiguan. Don’t get me wrong, I like VW cars, but to me, the Tiguan has always been a bit of a misfire, though Edmunds.com has praised the model for aging rather well.

2015 Volkswagen TiguanMany reviews loved the interior, with its cozy leatherette features and other cool accoutrements. Yeah, I dunno, I found it rather dull. At first I thought it was just my gay sensibilities, but apparently, even straight people aren’t crazy about the interior that the Tiguan offers. Fellow Colorado car writer Tim Esterdahl loved the power (as did I) but hated the interior, aptly noting how other similar vehicles are coughing up more style and luxury than Volkswagen is. Click here for his complete review. Great minds think alike, right, Tim?

It does seem, if the internet is to be believed, that people either really like or really hate the 2015 Tiguan. I can’t say I hate it – it is a peppy little car, and for what it’s worth, it does appear that interior spills clean up nicely, if not completely. Yet I also can’t say that I love it. In fact, love has nothing to do with it. The Tiguan has never been in my top ten, even on a slow weekend. That really was not meant to be harsh ……

This current mess that Volkswagen finds itself in will only get worse. It’s one thing to say that one of your underlings screwed up, but when you have something intentionally placed in millions of vehicles to deceive the Feds, wow …. as Boris and Natasha used to say, “There’s going to be beeg trouble for Moose and Squirrel.”

And big trouble there will be. Yet as for LGBTs, let the permanent jailing of Kim Davis begin.