Photographer Freddy Fabris Uses Garages & Mechanics To Restage Classic Works Of Art

Freddy Fabris is a meticulous photographer, attentive to every minute detail. He’s also a devoted fan of cars and car culture, which provided inspiration for a recent series of images that recreate (and reinvent) famous works of art:

Sometimes in life, fate arrives to give you a little push in the right direction.  This was the case with photographer Freddy Fabris.  Since his early days in photography, Freddy had been looking for a way to pay homage to the works of classic painters like DaVinci and Rembrandt.  Then, one day, Freddy stumbled upon an old car garage. “It was filled with this richness of textures and objects that immediately started to inspire me.” Freddy knew that he had found his location, and immediately began to plan his dream shoot.

You can read more about the inspiration for the series here, and check out some of his beautiful shots of supercars here. His personal website is