First Ride: 2016 Mazda Mazda3 Is Affordable, Easy To Park, Practical

2016 Mazda Mazda3I’ve never been wild about how Mazda names their cars: 2, 3, 5, 6 and 9. No, they couldn’t give us something like the Mazda Meerkat, or the Mazda Moonshot, or even the Mazda Mi Corazon. Instead, we get numbers, but since that numerical system has worked so well for so long, what the heck. The cars are fun and imaginative, even if the naming / numbering system is not.

Unless you really need style and pizzazz, the Mazda 3 for 2016 is something that should definitely be on every car buyer’s short list. Starting at just over $20K, this new 3 has a minimum mileage of 25 in the city and up to 40 on the highway. It is already receiving accolades for being one of the most affordable and most drivable sedans of the new year. Crash scores are great, a rearview camera is now standard, and you don’t need to know C++ or some other computer language to program controls on the dashboard.

mazda2I found driving the car to be a breeze and enjoyable. Handling was smooth; there was nothing sharp or dragging about it, just a nice clean ride. That’s ultimately what you want in a simple, practical car: no distractions, no issues, just get me from Point A to Gay with no drama (since in many a gay world, drama awaits once you arrive). In this respect, the 2016 ‘3’ does the job. (See, calling it a 3 just doesn’t have the same effect as calling it, say, a Whippet.)

The downside to the 3 is that it does come off as a bit of a tin can. You don’t get a solid sense about the car’s body, especially when you are closing the doors or slamming the trunk lid. Admittedly, that’s what being a small car is all about. It’s lightweight and practical, which shouldn’t mean you should feel like you are driving something hollow. But even with that hollow feeling, know that the 2016 Mazda 3 scored 5 of 5 in government crash tests, and even got an overall ‘Good’ rating (the highest rating) from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Ultimately, when it comes to the safety of your family, however defined, you can’t beat that.

mazdaAnd just because the Mazda 3 starts and ends as a Plain Jane, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it as over-the-top as you like. Seems like everyone is into customizing their car these days, and that makes sense since anymore, a car can say more about you than your home, assuming you have one. Click here to see some great redesigns and personal touches that can be done to your Mazda 3 (Michael’s gift card and glue gun not included).

I will get a chance to fully test the Mazda 3 sometime before we elect a new president. For now, keep your eye on this one. This is a great urban car to go with your urban lifestyle – or just something that says you are smart enough to use your car as merely a means of transportation.

Indeed, a smart means of transportation.


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