Montana Nissan dealer promises to kick transgender customers out of his bathrooms

UPDATE: The clip mentioned below and most of Allen’s other videos have been removed from YouTube. (Can’t imagine why.) Allen did, however, post a kind of rebuttal to his haters, which offers a taste of what he’s all about.

On the internet, people can express a wide range of views–even hurtful, misinformed, and discriminatory ones. For proof, see any tweet from Donald Trump or the YouTube channel of Montana Nissan dealer Robert Allen. The latter regularly features viral videos that don’t even need the likes of UseViral to help them generate a huge buzz on the internet.

Among the recent pearls of wisdom that Allen has thrown our way is this clip (note: clip removed) expressing his willingness to toss transgender customers out of his bathrooms if they’re so bold as to use one that corresponds with their gender identity.

Like all transphobes, Allen is obsessed with transwomen (i.e. people who were classified as male at birth but identify as female). He conveniently and completely ignores:

  1. Transmen
  2. The fact that there are few if any recorded instances of transpeople sexually assaulting others in public restrooms
  3. The fact that trans-friendly bathroom policies don’t override sexual assault laws–meaning that if a transperson were to assault someone in a restroom, it would still be a criminal offense
  4. The fact that straight, cisgendered males like him are far, far, far more likely to perpetrate sexual assaults than any other group

As if those Einstein-level moves weren’t enough, Allen put links to his YouTube videos on his dealership website. Nissan was not amused:

“The dealership has removed the links to comply with guidelines set forth in the framework of our business relationship,” Josh Clifton, a spokesman for Nissan North America Inc. in Franklin, Tennessee, told the Independent Record in an email. “We adamantly oppose any statements or actions that demean or allow discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. Nissan dealerships are independently owned and operated; the opinions posted to this retail location website in no way speak for Nissan or reflects its values.”

In speaking with the media afterward, Allen admitted that “he should have worded the video differently, and he believes some people misunderstood his views”.

No, I think we understood perfectly.

[h/t John Voelcker]