That’s so gay: 2016 Lexus GS 200t F Sport looks gay, groovy, great for Barbie, butch, or bear

2016 Lexus GS 200tIf money really is of no concern for you A, B, C and D Gays (base price $45,615), have we got a car for you.

The Lexus GS 200t is midsized luxury for all you Sasha Fierce sash queens with a BLTGQ (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Guacamole, Quinoa) life that is too big for small thinking.  Any way you look at the GS 200t (get the F Sport), it looks great – First, Climb in, Karen, because all that’s missing is U. Sure, not that anyone is so shallow that they want a car just because they will look great in it …. Mary, please, of course you want to look great no matter where you are. The 2016 Lexus GS 200t (a GS 350 with a bigger engine is also available) has everything going for it, inside and out.

This is one smooth ride with plenty of kick.  The 200t comes with a turbocharged 241-horsepower four-cylinder engine that gives you all the reigning power you have ever wanted – in a coach. Driving down the highway, up the off-road or round and round the Costco parking lot, this is a car that is in control – well, really, you are in control.

2016 Lexus GS 200tThere is plenty of room inside.  I have friends with largess, and they fit in the back seats nicely. Leather and wood abound inside in a luxurious fashion, all so you can go someplace for the night where leather and wood abound but not necessarily without pain or sweat.

Honestly, overall the GS 200t is a fun car that handles like a small car when you need that. Parking was not a problem (and I’m one who always hits the curb, even in flats) and maneuvering in tight spaces was a breeze with a backup camera (standard). Even though I hate days when I have to be normal and go shopping and make clinic visits, it did feel nice to hop in a very, very nice car and pretend that I was on my way to some trendy gay-friendly resort – Mar-a-Lago not being one of them.

2016 Lexus GS 200tThe good news is that Toyota / Lexus is finally getting rid of that annoying joystick on the center console that must be used to navigate everything.  The bad news is that it didn’t happen for the 2016 GS.  That joystick is still there and, wow, it’s more sensitive than your last love interest. With just a bit of an aggressive finger rub, you can find yourself listening to Howard Stern when you really wanted to be listening to OutQ on Sirius Satellite Radio. But assuming you have a gentle touch and plenty of money to throw around, the GS 200t is a car you should stand next to, sit inside and flash for everyone to see.

I tested the F Sport trim. This is a Lexus trim available on most of its sportier models, and it includes things like sportier seats, a rear spoiler, badging and styling that is racier, as well as the suspension and steering to back up its swiftness. This easily adds about four-grand to the total tab, so, you know, be careful.  Leading a fast life in the fast lane won’t last forever, but then, did you really think you would make it this far just by being a good girl?

Lexus really has a knack for making cars that scream gay in a dog whistle that everyone can hear. Some have criticized me for being a flaming queen, as if everything in my life has to be over-the-top LGBTQ. To my detractors, I say ‘You Go, Girl’.

I’m hard-pressed to think of anything to say that is more affirming than that.