Check out this Easter egg on the Tesla Model 3

We’ve all had those bosses. You know the kind: the ones who expect employees to forsake their private lives for company gains. Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to fit the bill–at least in part.

None of us have ever worked for Tesla or Musk, but stories about Tesla employee’s lack of work/life balance are easy to find. That’s probably to be expected, especially when new models are rolling off the assembly line. After all, the automaker has had a string of highly publicized problems with getting cars to buyers on schedule. It’s all hands on deck during crunch time.

But unlike some bosses we could name–including America’s Commander in Chief–Musk recognizes hard work when a job’s well done, and he’s happy to share the spotlight. For proof, check out the Easter egg recently found on the new Tesla Model 3. Electrek reports:

[The] new Easter egg in the Model 3 is not really funny. It instead serves as a hat tip to the Tesla team – presumably some of the employees responsible for Tesla’s new model.

On the “About your Tesla” window, which is accessed by pressing the ‘T’ logo, owners can press and hold the ‘3’ in the ‘Model 3’ for a few seconds and the rendering of their Model 3 will move forward out of the window.

Jameson demonstrates it here with his new Model 3: