New rankings show how well your car may perform in a crash

Looking for a new car? You’ve probably perused the safety ratings issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety–and if you haven’t, you should. They’re a great way of evaluating how well your next ride may protect you and your passengers during a collision.

But those aren’t the only ways to assess a car’s safety. Looking at the insurance claims made by owners of specific models can provide plenty of details about how well vehicles hold up in crashes.

Not surprisingly, the IIHS has loads of claim-related data on most makes and models sold in the U.S. Click here to see how your preferred vehicle compares to others in its class–and don’t forget to tap the “Best and worst” tab to see the top (and bottom) performers in each category.

One thing to note: luxury cars tend to fall in the “worst” category because they’re so expensive to repair. Then again, if you’re a luxury shopper, you’ve probably come to expect that.