2021 BMW 330e: Luxury Meets Green and Clean(er)

If you really like your luxury cars and are really into electric cars, this new and improved sedan from BMW may be the car for you.

Yes, there is still a gasoline engine attached, so technically it is still a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle). I found you still have to be careful how far you drive, and you really should plug it in and charge it every night. Charging really does require at least three hours despite what some of those quickie connectors claim. Although you could contact a Milwaukee Residential Electrician and find out if any upgrades can be done to the charger for efficiency purposes. They can even help you install the charging station wherever convenient. Oh, and you really should have a home garage to do it….

The BMW 3 series is still an incredibly luxurious lineup of cars. BMW realized a few years back that a combination of demand from customers and governments meant that it would have to come up with at least one offer per line of an electic-ish trim that would satisfy that appetite (demand). 

The 330e fills the bill nicely.  If anything, it’s not very exciting.  I mean, you can take it on the road and rev it up and get it going and accomplish your goals, however defined. The exterior has all the style and sportiness you have come to expect, as seen here. The interior is just as stylish, so nothing has been lost there.

Starting at $44,550 US, the big concern among many appears to be resale value. 

I guess I would say, well, proceed with caution. You buy (well, you used to) a sportscar to tear up the road and go for long stretches and just pull into Joe’s Gas and Guzzler to fill up and go a long distance again.  This is not the car for that.

You can read all the stats you want but you always have to be careful how far you drive with an electric vehicle. Ultimately, you still should plug it in each night to charge it. And all of that takes time. 

And yet, this is our future.  President Joe Biden is trying very hard here in the United States to reverse climate change and electric vehicles are one of the best ways to do that.  I get it. I support it. Big time. 

All of that takes major changes and sacrifices for everyone.

So, that said…. The 2021 BMW 330e is one of the best PHEVs out there. But much like having a child, make sure you can take care of it every night and that you can enjoy it properly.

I admit to being somewhat of a fossil when it comes to cars. I love the sound of a revving engine….

And that’s how we got into this constant fire / heatwave / deep freeze mess we are in now.