All-New 2022 Infiniti QX55 Compact SUV: Thumbs Up!

Taking most of its cues from the QX50, the new kid to the lineup is making quite the entrance this fall – and so far, the response has been mostly positive.

All-Wheel Drive is standard and you will notice the 20-inch wheels when you first lay your eyes upon this looker. The sportiness is there alright. Some might say it really is the QX50 in drag of sorts.  But it really is much more than that.

Starting at $46,500 US, this is a luxury compact SUV and there is plenty of room for average-sized adults.  The interior is true luxury. Wood trim and soft, fine materials that are dark in color but gentle to the touch give the QX55 a nice, elegant feel that complements the ride, wherever you are going.  It’s what you would expect from Infiniti.

The QX55 (yeah, I’m not real wild about names that are letters and numbers, but I suspect there are legal reasons for it) to me seems more like a high-powered family coupe (first impression, anyway), with a sloping roofline and a trunk works well for when you need to carry stuff (27 cubic feet, which is not bad for a coupe).

The bold exterior look matches the 268-horsepower turbo that sits underneath. Depending on what type of meaty response you want from the engine, you may be slightly disappointed, but in most situations, especially if you plan on keeping it street-legal and keeping your license, you will be just fine.

There are three trim levels: Luxe, Essential and Sensory.

At the base Luxe level, you get a power liftgate, lane-departure warning system, rear AND forward collision warning mitigation (which can also apply the brakes in certain situations), blind spot monitoring, power front seats with heat, simulated leather, dual-screen infotainment, Wi-Fi hotspot and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Go up to the Essential and the Sensory and the toys and joys get more expensive but they do get more enjoyable indeed.

I tested the Sensory trim (pictured here).  Yes, it was enjoyable, even as I was picking up my carrot sticks and distilled water (and a few choice tarts at the deli). At the top-tier level, you get real premium leather and a hands-free liftgate. The Sensory starts (starts!) at $57,050 US.  Just so you know……

Mileage is a combined 25 mpg, which is pretty good for the class.

Our advice here at is to always shop – and continue to shop until you are sure you have what you want, especially if your family will continue to grow OR if you are not made of money.  Just sayin’………

As of now, the last quarter of 2021 (where did the year go?), the car market is not looking any better or prettier than, say, the coronavirus in…. anywhere, really.

Supply is still tight. Prices keep going up. Everything out there just keeps getting nuttier.

I would tell you to remain calm – and you should.  Because, well, if you panic, what would that accomplish?

But it might be fun and make you feel good, even for a moment…………..

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  1. “But it might be fun and make you feel good, even for a moment…………..”

    Look, if I’m going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car, I want it to make me feel good!

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