2024 Volvo XC90 Recharge Offers 33 Miles All-Electric Range and Refined Swedish Luxury, But at a Price

Volvo recently introduced the EX90, a full-size all-electric luxury crossover that, by all accounts, is a very well-engineered machine with 300 miles range and all of the features today’s upscale drivers demand.  However, if you’ve ever tried to find a charger away from your garage or place of employment, you may wish for an easier, if less technically advanced, solution.  You may prefer the 2024 Volvo XC90 Recharge.

Aging With Grace

Compared to the EX90, the XC90 is aging a bit, but that’s only compared to a cutting-edge EV.  For the rest of us, it’s still quite handsome with its large toothy grille, broad shoulders, 21” wheels, and taillamps that rise into the rear roof pillars.  “Thor’s hammer” driving lights make it clear who makes this high-riding wagon.  Only a small door on the front driver’s side fender betrays its electrical quiver.

When I first drove this generation XC90 six or seven years ago, I remember how large the touchscreen seemed.  Now, it feels quaint but works just as well.  In Swedish tradition, the cabin feels well made, yet never ostentatious.  Check the dash stitching, black woodgrain, and soft leather seats that are heated and ventilated up front, heated in the rear, and ride under a panoramic moonroof.  A heated steering wheel warms winter.  One touch of carnal luxury is the beautiful Orrefors crystal gear selector.  The Bowers & Wilkins audio system borders on divine.

Being a Volvo, safety is paramount.  Beyond a well-engineered body structure to dispense with crash forces, the XC90 aims to avoid physical contact altogether through automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, lane keep assist, and cross path detection systems.  A head-up display and adaptive cruise add safety and convenience.

Efficient Hybrid Performance

The XC90’s Swedish pedigree is unquestioned, but it’s powertrain is something unique.  At its heart is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine-based hybrid system delivering a combined 455 horsepower and 523 lb.-ft. of torque.  Impressive, but its best trick is traveling 33 miles all-electric after feeding from a 240v home or commercial charger for five hours.  Fuel economy is rated a frugal 58-MPGe all in or 27-MPG while burning gas.

Beyond all that, the driving experience hasn’t aged a day.  It’s very quiet, and very smooth, rumbling over rough pavement on an air suspension system.  Given the torquey power, it moves out in a hurry when prompted.  All-wheel-drive keeps it moving no matter the weather while regenerative braking slows it down while charging the batteries.  Whether whooshing onto freeways, cruising on the Interstate, creeping through downtown city traffic, or cutting up backroads, the big Volvo crossover is ready for whatever you desire.

Most of the downsides are in the cargo area.  Power open the hatch to appreciate soft thick carpet and chrome accents, but also the lack of space with the third row in place.  Those aft seats are only for kids anyway, so most owners will probably leave the third row folded to maximize space.  As well as styling and technology have aged, it’s time for a complete redesign to stay current Volvo’s latest design language.  The EX90 points the way.

If there’s another downside, it’s price.  A base XC90 starts at a reasonable $56,600, but our Ultimate Recharge came to a breath-stealing $87,495.  The EX90 starts $10k less.  Compare it to the Lexus TX plug-in, BMW X5 xDrive50e, and Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe.

Storm Forward!

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