2024 Hyundai Kona: Mighty Mouse Indeed!

If you need a small car to get around town, the 2024 Hyundai Kona is truly worth your consideration.

Fortunately, many LGBTQ+ can still afford to live in big cities, which by-and-large still allow people to live their lives as they choose, even in Red States. Many of us (like me), still live in a small space and do our own laundry (mostly because we can’t afford to move), deal with street parking but can still enjoy all that big city LGBT life has to offer.

The subcompact Kona would make a good choice for enhancing that carefree, Marlo Thomas ‘Free to Be, You and Me’,kind of life.

(Ms. Thomas’ show actually had a song about a boy wanting a doll back in the 1970s; Imagine!)

Starting at $24,250 US, this year’s Kona is shiny and new like Madonna was in the 1980s but can still take you where you wanna go for an average of 28 miles per gallon.

And that’s it in a nutshell…… more or less. Kinda sorta.

The Hyundai Kona has been completely redesigned for 2024, and it shows. It’s bigger, for starters. The look is fresher and more 21st Century if you will.  There is more interior room too, due a slightly longer wheelbase.

(And know upfront that the Kona is a small, easy-to-park SUV, but the Hyundai Venue is an even smaller SUV.)

My friend Lee in San Diego has had a Kona for many years, and he truly enjoys his oceanside-lifestyle choice. This is the perfect inner-city car for your gay-on-the-go kind of life.  You can get close to 64 cubic feet of cargo room when you fold the rear seats down, which is decent for the class.

It’s easy to get caught up in adjectives like ‘futuristic’ and ‘sleek’ and ‘wow-ee’.  The new Kona is a good-looking car.  It is fun to drive, but to get the turbo, you do have to go up the food chain….

On the base SE trim, you do get some nice safety features, like Driver Attention Warning (if the car thinks you are nodding off), blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure mitigation, lane-centering assistance, forward-collision warning with automatic braking and rear seat reminders.

If you want some nicer sch-tuff, you will need to go up the food chain. The top-tier Limited trim starts at $31,800 US.

I know I am often not as much fun as my gaywheels.com colleague Casey Williams, but I want to encourage you to do your homework when shopping for a new car.  I know, I know; few like to do their homework (I never did) but it will save you headaches and money, especially when you finally get in and start driving.

And I truly want to encourage you to test drive each car before you buy one, not order it online and have it delivered.

This is not a pizza.  If your order gets screwed up, the mistake will cost you for years, despite what the car-Door-Dash people tell you.

We here at gaywheels.com want to make sure your wallet – and your arse – are happy with your purchase.

For as long as possible.