Saab Reviews

Top 10 Most Researched Vehicles – 4th Quarter 2009

New York, NY – Today, announced its list of the Top 10 Most Researched new vehicles from the last three months of 2009. “A common thread amongst the vehicles represented would be that they are all niche, stylish representatives of their respective segments,” said founder Joe LaMuraglia. “With that said, the list shows that the LGBT consumer has a myriad of automotive interests.” [...]

Saab Can’t Get a Break

A friend was investigating a car loan online and came across something very interesting. It seems that if you are looking to buy a Saab and want to use Bank of America, you are S.O.L. In the fine print on their site, they outline the auto loan eligibility requirements. They are relatively straightforward; outlining guidelines about no commercial vehicles, no lemon law vehicles, no motorcycles etc. Then it clearly stats “No Isuzu or Saab vehicles”. [...]

Saab Enthusiasts Not Giving Up

You probably think that the automobile business is boring. After all, it is part of the “old school” industrial empire and its success relies on manufacturing high-cost machinery, not disposable electronics or ethereal technology. But if the past few months is any indication of the potential for intrigue and excitement, the reality TV crews may be moving to Detroit in the near future. [...]

A Case for Keeping Saab

I was asked my opinion on Saab by the Swedish newspaper Expressen. This is the article as was provided to them in English. One could write a book on this subject; I was limited to 4,000 spaces. The current global economic situation dictates that individuals and companies re-evaluate their financial situation and ascertain where they can cut back in order to survive the downturn. For a family, it may mean eating out less, buying fewer clothes or selling a vehicle that they don’t rely on. For an auto company…….. [...]

Top 10 Most Researched Vehicles – 3rd Quarter 2008

River Edge, NJ –, the sole source of information specifically targeted to and about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) car-shoppers, today announced its list of the Top 10 Most-Researched Vehicles during the third quarter of 2008. The Volkswagen Rabbit and Eos remained in first and second place, respectively. Mazda’s MAZDA3 gave up the third slot to its sister car from Mazda, the MX-5 who now shares that position with the Audi A3. [...]

Six Automakers Score 100 with HRC

9/2/2008 – The Human Rights Campaign Foundation just released its 2009 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and 6 of the 259 major U.S. businesses that scored a top rating of 100 percent are automotive manufacturers. Listed in alphabetical order they are: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Subaru, Toyota and VW. Subaru, in concert with their long-standing support of the LGBT community, is not surprising. Some might be taken back by the other companies on the list as well as those that didn’t achieve a perfect score. [...]