Nick Kurczewski

2013 Geneva Auto Show: Aston Martin Rapide Bertone Wagon

This definitely isn’t your grandma’s old Vista Cruiser, your eclectic uncle’s Saab 9-5 Aero wagon, or even that sublime Audi RS4 Avant you’ve been hoping would finally be sold stateside. No, in the world of station wagons, the Aston Martin Rapide Bertone pretty much stands alone in terms of looks and outright desirability. It also helps that, as of this moment, there happens to be exactly one these wonder wagons in existence. [...]

2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1: Addictive & Outrageously Fun

I knew it. I just knew someone, somewhere, would complain about the cabin plastics in a review of the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. [The guilty party shall remain nameless, for now.] Let me put this to rest: if you’re worried about the grain of the plastic on the door panels, the center console — or anywhere else for that matter — then you’ve completely missed the point of this car. [...]

Ford’s New Police Fleet Closes The Books On The Crown Victoria

I’m gunning it out of corners and dodging construction cones in Queens, New York, when I realize this is the first, and hopefully last, time I’ll spend with Ford’s brand new range of Police Interceptors. After decades of loyal service, the Crown Victoria sedan, a staple of police forces and taxicab fleets around the country, is headed for a long-overdue retirement. Its two-pronged replacements are based on either the Ford Explorer SUV, or the Taurus sedan. To prove the merits of both models, Ford invited journalists to CitiField, home of the New York Mets, to simulate hot pursuits in several coned course layouts in the stadium’s parking lot. [...]

2012 Toyota Prius C: Sex Doesn’t Always Sell

I’m driving the Toyota Prius c in Florida and thinking about lunch, and the gorgeous stretch of beach off to my right, and also the fact I should hit the gym because beach season is almost here. Basically, I’m doing exactly what most owners of the Prius c will do: not think about the driving dynamics. The smallest member of the Prius family tree allows you to focus on other things, like its 53/46-mpg average during city and highway driving. Or how to gain six-pack abs in time for summer. [...]

2012 BMW 328i Sedan

The automotive world has seriously changed when you find yourself behind the wheel of a new BMW 3-Series and start drawing comparisons to a Kia sedan. I know that BMW fans are going into apoplectic shock over that comment. But give me a minute to explain. For starters, the sixth generation of the iconic 3-Series sports sedan looks great, is fun to drive, and gets better mileage than the outgoing model. The exterior changes are evolutionary but, in my opinion, very successful. [...]

Citroën DS4 Voted European Gay Car Of The Year 2012

The Citroën DS4 has been voted European Gay Car of the Year 2012. The title was awarded by website, which devotes itself to promoting gay and gay-friendly car clubs and events around the world. Past European Gay Car winners have included everything from the wildly expensive Aston Martin DB9 Volante, which starts at more than $200,000, to chic urban runabouts like the Mini Convertible and Fiat 500. In France, the entry-level DS4 costs approximately $27,500. [...]