Saab Enthusiasts Not Giving Up

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You probably think that the automobile business is boring.  After all, it is part of the “old school” industrial empire and its success relies on manufacturing high-cost machinery, not disposable electronics or ethereal technology. But if the past few months is any indication of the potential for intrigue and excitement, the reality TV crews may be moving to Detroit in the near future.

Case in point; SAAB.  Its story in the recent past would put a daytime soap opera plot to shame.  It was announced that it was for sale, a suitor found, that same suitor dismissed, the potential buyer coming back for another chance, GM selling off old assets, then announcing that an agreement couldn’t be met and that Saab would be wound down and close.  But like an infomercial, “Wait!, there’s more!”. 

The deadline has been extended, new bidders have entered the fray and the fate of the quirky brand from Sweden is still undecided.  Enter the Saab enthusiasts – Saabisiti, Saabiacs, whatever they go by, they are attempting a last ditch effort to make their love of the brand known before GM makes their final (?) decision on January 7, 2010. 

Here is a release from  If you turn your ignition between the front seats, you’ll be interested in this:


Media Invite To Saab Enthusiast Gathering Near GM Renn Center To Save Saab

On Thursday, January 7th, a deadline will expire and GM will ultimately need to decide the fate of Saab Automobile.

“Sell Opposed To Shutdown”. There are two known interested parties
that have submitted bids to buy Saab, Spyker Cars & Merbanco.

As time is of the essence, Saab Enthusiasts have therefore decided
to take an initiative by gathering near GM’s world headquarters in
Detroit, in order to send a message to GM to “SELL SAAB”.

Saab owners and enthusiasts from the U.S. & Canada will gather
near the GM Renaissance Center at approximately 1pm by showing their
unwavering Saab spirit in lining up their Saabs, holding Signs, taking
group photographs and speaking to the press about how important it is
to sell Saab.

Since GM emerged from bankruptcy court this summer, they are now 60%
owned by the U.S. Government. Saab owners, Saab dealers and U.S.
taxpayers alike, all want to see Saab sold in order to preserve
thousands of jobs and and nearly $500 million dollars from the 218 Saab
dealerships, small business assets in the United States.

“If there are enough Saab owners and enthusiasts parked outside
of the GM Renaissance center in Detroit, perhaps we could really show
them how serious we are in wanting Saab Automobile to have a bright
future and be sold.”
says Ryan Emge, editor of, an independent promotional news site.

This timely event marks a final effort in the Saab Community to save
a company that has historically seen the value in saving the lives of
its customers.

What: Saab Enthusiast Gathering Near GM Renn Center To Save Saab

When: Meet On Tuesday, January 5th at noon. / Saab Car Gathering is at 1pm nearby. (Press To Attend)

Where: Lunch At GM Renn Cenn Food Court followed by
Saab car gathering at the public lot at the corner of Atwater and St.
Antoine alongside the bay behind GM Renn Center.

For more details, please visit: