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2016 Smart ForTwo: A Smarter Smart For A Crazy Nerd

My crazy love for a Smart is well-documented, but I’m one of those nerds who fell in love on a trip to Europe and couldn’t wait to order one when they became available stateside in 2008. In fact, I ordered…

Preview: 2011 smart electric drive

By Casey Williams You’ve been warned. There’s an invasion of battery-powered electric cars approaching. Tesla already carved out its niche at the top of the market with its Lotus Elise-based Roadster. Nissan is preparing to launch its American-built Leaf electric…

smart BRABUS: Spicy Collegiate Timbit

By Casey Williams Two of my favorite places to visit in New Haven, Connecticut are Claire’s Corner Copia at Yale and the Canadian-import known as Tim Hortons doughnut shop. I love Claire’s vegan salad with soy chipotle chicken, avocado, organic…

2009 smart fortwo

“Never buy a French car unless you in fact live in France,” I remember a journalist writing during the ‘80s, when Renaults and Peugeots were tossing parts, reliability, and market share like shucked snail shells. This echoed in my head as I went online last year, swiped $99 off my debit card, and ordered a German-engineered, French-built, Smart ForTwo. They were a sight in Paris, Florence, and Rome when I traveled there and I wanted to take some Euro va-ca home. One year later, here I am – in very-middle-America Indianapolis – driving a French car.

Parking smart in NYC

2008 smart fortwo

New York, NY –
smart USA just gave residents of “‘da city” another reason to consider a smart fortwo – a 50 percent discount off daily and monthly parking rates at any of the six Meyers Parking facilities in New York City.