Parking smart in NYC


New York, NY –
smart USA just gave residents of “‘da city” another reason to consider a smart fortwo – a 50 percent discount off daily and monthly parking rates at any of the six Meyers Parking facilities in New York City.
If you’ve ever had to park in the city or are a resident that pays for monthly parking, you know how expensive it can be. I have a friend in Gramercy Park that told me not only is there a multi-year waiting list for a space in his building, it costs over $400 a month for the privilege. He parks his Subaru at the end of a commuter train line and pays a fraction of that for covered parking but his car is an hour away. A deal like this might make people like him reconsider having a vehicle in Manhattan


Half Price for Half a Car
smart Cars are only 61 inches wide and 106 inches long – essentially half as long as a average 4-door sedan. Theoretically, you could park two smarts in a normal parking space.
“Decreased parking supply and urban congestion represent a continuing problem in New York, and we can’t think of a better company to partner with than smart USA to help combat these issues,” said Mike Carolan, Director of Operations for Meyers Parking. “We are excited to offer smart owners a discount, as it seems only appropriate that smart owners pay half price since they only take up half the space.”
The discount for smart fortwo owners expires Dec. 31, 2008.

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