Saab Enthusiasts Not Giving Up

You probably think that the automobile business is boring. After all, it is part of the “old school” industrial empire and its success relies on manufacturing high-cost machinery, not disposable electronics or ethereal technology. But if the past few months is any indication of the potential for intrigue and excitement, the reality TV crews may be moving to Detroit in the near future. [...]

A Case for Keeping Saab

I was asked my opinion on Saab by the Swedish newspaper Expressen. This is the article as was provided to them in English. One could write a book on this subject; I was limited to 4,000 spaces. The current global economic situation dictates that individuals and companies re-evaluate their financial situation and ascertain where they can cut back in order to survive the downturn. For a family, it may mean eating out less, buying fewer clothes or selling a vehicle that they don’t rely on. For an auto company…….. [...]

Speed Dating At Motor City Pride

The Detroit GLBT newspaper (Between the Lines), the GLBT community center (Affirmations), and General Motors’ GLBT employee resource group (GM PLUS) are playing matchmaker at Detroit’s Gay Pride celebration by getting in gear for a dating experience like no other with “Dating in the Fast Lane!” [...]

Team G.L.A.M. – We Made It!

Well, we made it. While I would have preferred that we claimed overall victory in the inaugural Fireball Run (we came in 11th overall), I am very pleased with our final results. The score was based on a multitude of factors and to be very honest, the rules kept changing as the event progressed. When you get 45+ teams of highly competitive individuals, loopholes will be found and rules will be challenged. [...]

Saab at 60

We were recently invited to a unique birthday party. The event didn’t involve balloons, cake or even booze yet it was one of the best parties we’ve been to in a long time. It was in celebration of Saab’s 60th anniversary as a car company and fittingly it was held at an airstrip in Southern California. [...]