Superbowl Car Commercials 2010

superbowl2010.jpgAhhh, the Superbowl. America’s annual excuse to party on a Sunday afternoon and pretend to be interested in a bunch of grown men wearing really tight pants running into each other while carrying a leather ball.  Hold up, on second thought, that sounds kind of hot. 

Alas, I digress…for those of you that aren’t really interested in the game, there is always a LOT of hype over the commercials shown during the match.  Companies spend MILLIONS to air a 30-second spot in the hope that it will help them sell their products.  Ad agencies go all out to create memorable ads and the PR types do their best to create buzz early on.

We’ve put together a collection of ads that we know are coming this coming Sunday, February 7th.  Some brands, like Audi and Hyundai, have already shown their commercials in their entirety. Others, like VW, Kia and Bridgestone, have published “teasers” to pique our interest.

Click on the brand logos below to see their respective commercials/teasers for the big game.

audi-logo.jpgbridgestone-logo.jpghyundai_logo.jpg kia_logo.jpgThumbnail image for LOGO_VW_DAS_AUTO.jpg