We Let The Dog Decide: 2014 Lexus GS350 Or 2014 Audi A6 3.0T?

When it comes to mid-level luxury sedans, many people instantly gravitate to the “usual suspects” at their local Mercedes Benz or BMW dealers but quite honestly the latest E-Class and newest shape 5-Series sedans are both a bit of a snooze fest. What if you desire something different that not everyone on your block is driving that is both sporty, solidly built, has a premium badge and can also manage more than to just “impress the clients” during business lunches? [...]

Superbowl Car Commercials 2010

Ahhh, the Superbowl. America’s annual excuse to party on a Sunday afternoon and pretend to be interested in a bunch of grown men wearing really tight pants running into each other while carrying a leather ball. Hold up, on second thought, that sounds kind of hot…Alas, I digress…for those of you that aren’t really interested in the game, there is always a LOT of hype over the commercials shown during the match. We’ve put together a collection of automotive ads/teasers that we know are coming this coming Sunday, February 7th. [...]

LGBT Auto Survey Results

Our first survey of LGBT Auto owners was a success. We received 3,685 responses from the U.S. and the data revealed some very interesting insights. When we looked at the people who self-identified as LGBT that purchased their car new, guess which brand was the most popular? It isn’t what you think! [...]

I’m Not Perfect, OK?

I know some of you might find this hard to believe but I am not perfect. There is the occasional typo in an article, a misspelling and every once in a blue moon a fact may be misrepresented. I blame it on age and my inability to focus at times. Sadly I have nothing to blame for my recent case of brain flatulence except minimized brain capacity. I was on two separate radio programs recently and in both, I made mistakes live on the air. Thanks to astute listeners, I’ve been corrected and am here to rectify the methane in the brain: [...]

Santa’s Sleigh: Red, German & Dear

Every once in a while the stars align and the car I am assigned to fits perfectly with a trip I have planned. The latest celestial calibration featured the arrival of a 2009 Audi A4 Avant 2.0 T quattro the day of my departure for Vermont for the Christmas holiday. My assignment as uncle had me responsible for shuttling the gifts for my sister’s four ankle biters, 6 cases of Belgian beer for my brother-in-law (PALM – you should try it!), plus the luggage for two gay men that despite millions of miles of travel, can’t seem to pack lightly. [...]