Friday Video Eyecandy: Cosmo UK Centerfold Mark Wright With An Aston Martin

We don’t deny it: every so often, we need a few empty calories to get us through the workday. In the auto world, though, most of the eyecandy we see is intended for straight men, so when a friend flipped us this video of scantily clad Mark Wright posing with an Aston Martin for Cosmo UK, we sat straight up and took notice.

“Who’s Mark Wright?”, you ask. Good question. We’re not British, so we didn’t have a clue. A little Googling and Wikipedia-ing revealed that he’s on a reality show called The Only Way Is Essex, so we’re going to imagine him as a taller, darker, more handsome, less insane Spencer Pratt. (We would say “fuzzier” too, but he seems to have a thing for Nair. Too bad.)

Are we any better than our heterosexual counterparts, objectifying an attractive man like this? Probably not. But the guy’s cute, the car is sweet, and it’s Friday. What else could we do?

[Cosmo UK via Marty]