Two For The Road: Made-To-Order MINI + KBB’s Top 10 Green Car List

Big things can fit in small packages
Our friend and fellow auto-enthusiast Lyndon Bell reports on a MINI Cooper with an interior designed by none other than British luxury icon Rolls Royce. The Goodwood MINI (Goodwood being the home of the Rolls Royce Design Center) won’t be available for purchase; it’s simply a design study being readied for the Shanghai auto show. Still, we can’t help but drool and wonder: Could MINI replicate this interior without breaking the bank?
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The Blue Book goes green
Earlier this week, Kelley Blue Book announced its list of the top 10 green cars for 2011. Using MPGs as the primary criteria, KBB’s drive to #1 isn’t much of a surprise, thought there are a few notable absences. Still, it’s a fun read — and with gas prices zooming toward $4 a gallon (or higher), it’s food for thought, too.
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