BMW’s One-Square-Meter House: The Ultimate ‘Mobile’ Home?

You won’t find any space to park your BMW 3-Series in this tiny house that measures exactly one square meter in total floor space, something that is becoming the new craze for people everywhere. In fact you can even get tiny homes for sale online. Anyway, this one is designed by Laotian-born architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel, the “One-Sqm-House” is part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab, a globetrotting exhibition that showcases innovative urban-themed architecture.

As you might have noticed the One-Sqm-House doesn’t come with a garage – or a working bathroom, for that matter. But it does flip onto its side whenever you want to take a nap, and it can roll wherever you’d like, thanks to four tiny wheels on the bottom. So you could, theoretically, bring your house to your car. And depending on the size of your vehicle, you might be able to put your house in the cargo bay and bring it along for the ride.

Check out this YouTube link for a demonstration of the house’s features.