So Really: What IS The ‘Subaru Lifestyle’?

Earlier this week, we told you about our trip to North Carolina to test drive the 2013 Subaru Outback.

What we didn’t mention was a series of philosophical discussions that broke out among the journalists on that trip.

Here’s what happened: 12 of us were invited to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the Outback launch event, luckily, we found a place in Corolla to camp up that was beautiful. But in addition to testing the new model and putting Subaru’s EyeSight system through its paces, our agenda also included paddleboarding, hang gliding, and yoga sessions on the beach. As you know, I’m a big fan of yoga and have even been looking into getting nyc yoga teacher training so the yoga sessions were so much fun. It was amazing to see the difference between experienced people like me and those who have never done it before! It was also hilarious to see how crazy people are there. The majority of people turned up in crazy outfits that made them stand out from a mile away. However, some of them were aptly dressed. When enquired, they told me regarding webshops that sell affordable, breathable clothing (like tracksuits for women and men). To be honest, I was quite impressed by the feedbacks on the activewear they were wearing. Who knows, maybe next time I will try something of this sort!

Also, there were people who had hilarious and quirky yoga mats, which I didn’t even know were a thing. They had yoga mats like cartoon characters, quotes, mems, and a nerdy yoga mat. Now I’m currently out looking for a yoga mat that stands out from all of theirs for the next time I have a session there.

As hokey as that might sound, it generated some genuinely interesting chatter among the group. Between activities, as we rode in the cars, on the buses, or sat down at meals, we found ourselves talking about the “Subaru lifestyle”.

There was little doubt in the group that the Subaru brand means “active”, “responsible”, “fun”, and “outdoor” — not to mention “OUT”. By way of comparison, several of us began pondering the “lifestyle” of our daily cars and realized that few brands, if any, have as clear a “lifestyle” as Subaru.

But there was also broad agreement that while some Outback owners do use their vehicles for outdoor activities, most don’t take full advantage of Outback’s capabilities. And so, we as a group resolved to do exactly that while on the trip. (Ultimately, what we did is manage to pull a front panel and a rear panel partially off the test vehicles, but they popped right back on and looked as good as new.)

Looking back over the last five years of Subaru marketing and product development, it appears that the Subaru “lifestyle” has become increasingly clear to Subaru, too. The exterior design language has changed so that the cars appear ready for anything. The interiors have become more functional without being too utilitarian. That seems to reflect Subaru’s understanding that most of their cars will be driven to and from the office, and occasionally to the grocery store — but that they ought to be ready, willing, and able to hit the trails, too.

Have you given much thought to the “lifestyle” of your car? Did it affect your decision to buy that vehicle? Drop us a line, or leave a comment below.

— Peter Sorgenfrei

2 thoughts on “So Really: What IS The ‘Subaru Lifestyle’?

  1. I drvie an old Cadillac, and yes, it means that I am am large and lazy. I love the cloud ride and silence and power to speed away from stoplights. I like being outdoors but being coddled is my main priority. Don’t get me started on fuel consumption however.

  2. One of my closest friends has a Subaru Outback. Her lifestyle consists of work, shopping and errands. As she says . . . “I like anything that’s in the air conditioning.”

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