2016 Honda Odyssey Is Not The Pretty, But The Sturdy Minivan For Now

2016 Honda OdysseyLooks aren’t everything. Really. I mean that.

There’s not much to look at when it comes to the 2016 Honda Odyssey, which is an above-average family minivan in today’s market. Oh sure, it’s pretty in an understated way. The exterior is not overly stunning, even with a color like Lunar Silver or Modern Steel, both of which are variations on Battleship Gray. Much like the man you ultimately wind up marrying, the Honda Odyssey doesn’t grab your attention at first. Or even on the second or third date.

But know this: the Honda Odyssey is considered the top minivan for 2016, according to U.S. News and World Report, a trusted automotive source. Those editors looked at reviews across the web, and once they completed their analysis of what auto experts had written, the Odyssey came out on top as the best minivan of the year. This is further proof that pretty isn’t always in your best interest, even if he did take home the sash, tiara, prize money and bar tab.

2016 Honda OdysseyWhile not the most stunning minivan on the lot, the 2016 Honda Odyssey is a great family minivan. There is plenty of room inside, allowing for almost 150 cubic feet of stuff to be packed into it when all the seats are down. Do you know how much room that is? Neither do I, but it’s a lot, and that means that moving furniture, equipment and other items that parents do on their own (rather than hire butch movers) will be a breeze with the Odyssey.

The interior is comfortable but not complicated. Anymore, I just adore a dashboard that has buttons that I can twist and turn without a sensitive touch of the finger. If your dogs are barking and your loved ones are making similar noises in the backseats, you don’t have time to put your mind into Game Boy mode so you can adjust the temperature, music or car functionality. The 2016 Odyssey is intuitive, which makes it easy to use and easy to drive – and isn’t that what being a modern-day housewife is all about? The only real drawback I found was that the back seats are difficult to remove should you want to use all of the very cavernous interior for transporting …. stuff.

2016 Honda OdysseyFor LGBTs in 2016, We Are Family indeed, and that means that personal space now has to be more practical, not just wide and breathy enough for large hand movements and gestures for your performance, real or imagined. Where once there may have been just a skinny pretty boy/girl-friend and a shih tzu, now our motorized personal space may have to hold All My Children, who, if under 40, really are The Young and The Restless. Think ahead and think big when considering how to transport your family jewels from your home to the homes of all your exes who still may be part of your extended family. The 2016 Honda Odyssey is one minivan that is comfortable, easy to drive and not a technological challenge. It should be on your short list….

… At least U.S. News and World Report thinks so.