Australian dad turns his Holden Ute into a roving billboard for marriage equality

Australia has a marriage equality problem. You know it, I know it, even Airbnb knows it.

You know who else knows it? Geoff Thomas, a Vietnam veteran, retired plumber, and proud father of a gay son. He’s gone the extra mile for marriage equality by turning his Holden Ute into a badass, roving billboard for the cause:

Thomas told BuzzFeed News he “grew up homophobic” and spent a lot of time in settings that were hostile to gay people.

“I spent nine years in the army, I’m a Vietnam veteran, I was a plumbing contractor,” he said. “I was conditioned to be homophobic, and then one day my son comes out to me.

“I had to ask myself the question – what is it about gays that I didn’t like? After that, I decided it was unfounded fear, ignorance and prejudice. Then I came to the view that my son wasn’t equal in law and that really got up my nose, so I became a very strong advocate for marriage equality.

“I’d had this talk with some people and I said, ‘Every man and his dog supports marriage equality’. And I thought, I’ll put that on my ute!”

We could use a lot more dads like Geoff–and not just in Australia.