2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD, part 1: The top ‘Pro’ trim is a Texas-plus winner

You know you’re incredibly good-looking when even the straight guys call you handsome.

That’s one of the words that Dan Edmunds, the big cheese at Edmunds.com, uses to describe the 2017 Toyota Tacoma. He likes this year’s midsized truck from Toyota, which is now truly an American brand. It’s stealth, it’s tough, it’s a work horse, and can be a show pony. This could be the truck you need, assuming you need a truck. (Think twice before buying, girlz. A friend once bought a big impressive truck only to discover it did not fit into his inner-city garage.  But he still looked great in it.)

If you are looking for a truck that is both truck and off-road vehicle, this may be your best bet. You may be one of those people that needs a truck but not something that is so big that going through the drive-thru is impossible. You may also really be one of those girlz who goes off-road, knows how to inch slowly going up or down, and fully realizes that it doesn’t take much top-weight to tip you over. Should this be you, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma–namely the top-tier TRD Pro trim or the TRD Off-Road trim–is truly worth consideration.

Some things to note: this truck sits high and rides high.  Getting in and out of it will take a little effort, and while you sit high above it all, that extra clearance between you and the ground can surprise you on city streets. Off-roaders know this and drive differently or just put different tires on and off for when they go off-course or off-script. IMHO, unless you have a spacious garage, this is not a city car, even if you do go off-road a lot. Big boys need room to change attire or just be big.  The Tacoma TRD Pro is a big boy, even if it is considered mid-sized. Be sure to give it plenty of room.

And you know a truck is good when the overweight state of Texas feels like it’s worthy of being truck of the year. Texas gets many things wrong, like its governor, his cabinet, and its senators. The Texas Auto Writers Association, however, does seem to have a grasp on reality. They felt the 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro was worthy of being crowned Mid-size Truck of Texas. That’s a big deal for a state that may be best known as a state of denial.  At least the automotive writers there are all about solid information and not fake news.  Here’s the complete article on the Tacoma TRD Pro taking the crown. (Goodness, we are now truly appreciative of news and information that is simply factual. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!)

I’ll be reviewing the TRD Off-Road edition in an upcoming review.  This trim is a step-down from the senior-level TRD Pro, but still a worthwhile off-road truck. Driving both of them back-to-back was like having to choose between two stunning outfits, trying them on, and then realizing you look great in both. Turns out I look great in a truck. And authentically butch.

Well, that’s how I looked after I ran myself through PhotoShop, wearing little more than Hunter Green and a leather vest.

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