That’s so gay: 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid is the June Cleaver of cars

For those of you old enough to remember June Cleaver, you will recall that all she needed to be elegant was a string of pearls and a housedress that was starched and flowing. She didn’t need all kinds of fancy accouterments or designer labels.  Efficiency was the hallmark of her elegance.

Everyone needs at least one June Cleaver in their lives, and wouldn’t it be great if you had a car that was an automotive version of June Cleaver?  Something perfect for hosting, always elegant but not overstated, always reliable and ready to move, pounce or entertain as needed?

I hereby dub the ever-practical 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid the June Cleaver of cars.  For those of us of a certain black-and-white age, this is a high honor. Mrs. Cleaver was dependable and enjoyable. She took care of her family (passengers) and was more of a workhorse than you might think. She was no Kate Moss or Elle Macpherson, but when she sashayed down the runway (highway), people may not have noticed, but they always paid respect.  That was June Cleaver.  That’s the 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Everybody loves the Toyota Camry, just as everyone loves June Cleaver. The Camry has consistently come up as a top car favorite for more than a generation of buyers. It’s reliable, comfy–the kind of car you can forget because it takes care of itself and allows you to worry about more important things, like what to wear and what to be when you grow up and leave your parent’s basement. This may not be the best first-car once you enter the workforce and allegedly enter adulthood (not required). This is the car for when you need to start taking life seriously, the moment you learn that babies are easier to make than the Hallmark Channel would lead you to believe.

You can get into the 2017 Camry Hybrid for just under $28K. That’s not a bad price for a reliable family sedan. Keep in mind that this a sedan and not a minivan.  For those of you who are image-conscious, the Camry Hybrid will make you feel good about your image. If you are, however, in need of a car that can hold a small soccer team, pets and a fair amount of sports equipment, you may want to look at the Toyota Sienna, a great car that clearly says ‘mom’ but also clearly says ‘Mom, I love you’ and ‘Gee, Mrs. Cleaver, that’s a lovely dress you’re wearing’. Truly, how gay is that?

At Gaywheels, we know that when you shop for a car, you read many reviews and do an abundance of homework.  That’s just how we are as LTGQBs. We want to be top of the class, even when we have no class. We make sure we know what we are talking about, even when we accidentally end a sentence with a preposition. Well, that’s what I strive to do. Mostly.

Another reliable car in this category is the Chevy Malibu. Test drive both the Camry Hybrid and Malibu, and see what you think.  Take your time, process your thoughts and go forth with the ever-guiding principle first established by Jiminy Cricket and the big blonde fairy who turns Pinocchio into a real boy: Let your conscious be your guide.

How gay is that?