2017 BMW X1: Wow, what a car!

BMW must have confused me with fellow Gaywheels writer Casey Williams, sans the 100-extra pounds that I carry. The company sent me an X1 to test, and I will admit that I felt just like Casey, being easy-breezy as I drove down picturesque roads, living the gay high-life. It’s a great feeling to be sure, even as I motored to Party City for supplies for a pre-Halloween party (always to benefit a nonprofit).

In short, I loved driving the BMW X1. The car was ready to go wild, but it also gave off a vibe of security and confidence that poured through the cabin, even as Ricky Martin was telling me to shake my bon-bon. (Yeah, yeah, I still have that on a CD.) This is one of those cars that you enjoy driving no matter what’s going on outside or in your head.

The cabin is ultra-über luxurious, as expected, which makes you feel slightly less aesthetically bankrupt than your breeder-con-balloon-mortgage colleagues. You can get into the X1 for as little as $33,750, which is relatively affordable luxury for all that a BMW can offer. And once you’re in, you have room to sprawl: the X1 boasts almost 60 square feet of cargo space with the backseats down (outstanding for the class). If you’ve got the money, honey, and want some cultured excitement in your ride, the X1–the entry-level Beemer–is worth consideration.

U.S. News and World Report (the kind of real news that Trump cannot destroy) ranked the X1 at the top in the Luxury Subcompact SUV category, beating out competitors like the Audi Q3 and the Infiniti QX30 (one of my favorites). The magazine specifically notes its “athletic handing”, “quick acceleration” and “roomy back seats” (which are so important for any of your friends with largess). A big downside to the X1, however, is that there are no standard driver-assistance features, so safety will cost you extra, and All-Wheel Drive is no longer standard.  Hey, no car is perfect, but being fabulous has nothing to do with perfection.