2017 Lexus RC 350: I love driving this car, but get the IS 350

The 2017 Lexus RC 350 is a fast and fabulous car that really is a joy to drive on any road, especially one where you can punch it like Charlie’s Angels chasing some bad guy wearing a tan suit and English Leather. The acceleration is great, the handling is smooth and the fun and pep and pizzazz grabs you by the balloons every moment you are in the car, even when you are stuck in traffic. This car is a lot of fun…and not much on the practical side, at least compared to some of its rivals.

The 350 is the most powerful version of the RC (not to be confused with Royal Crown Cola). Standard is a 3.5-liter V6 DOHC engine that seems to be perfect for the car. Combined with some very precise steering, you’ll be large and in charge wherever you go, be it the salad bar, soup kitchen or art auction. Often, it’s hard to feel like you have any power in your life, so getting behind the wheel of an RC 350 can make you feel like you were born to roar and roar a lot. And loudly, even though you will feel like you are encased in spa seaweed when you are inside this luxurious cabin.  There really is just no end to the fun that you and a friend or trick can have in the RC 350. But if you are in need of something that can also care for your loved ones, inanimate and otherwise, there is a bit more of challenge with the RC when it comes to that.

Simply put, space is tight.  You don’t buy this car if you need lotsa room and will be using it for your Saturday morning chores and your Sunday morning charity activities. Remember, it’s a coupe, so already space behind the front pews is tight. Should you need to put someone other than a child in the backseat, pray that he’s a contortionist. Indeed, the interior is elegant and perhaps there is only room for the two of you in your life or your car.  If so, let ‘er rip, honey. But if baby or rescue dog makes three-plus, the RC 350 will test the limits of your relationship. And charity.

Starting at $43,010, this is the kind of fun you may not be able to afford.  Oh sure, we all want luxury and speed, sometimes from the same street dealer, but can you make this work when your life already has so many demands on your time, money and personal space?  A better overall option, IMHO, is the Lexus IS 350, which offers more in the way of practicality.  It can be a glamourpuss by night but a working mom by daylight. Plus, the base IS 350 starts at $41,370, so all the practicality and street taco spiciness is suddenly a couple grand cheaper than its sleek twin, the RC. Just something to think about.

Rumor has it that once you start a family and taking life seriously, your thought patterns change and you begin thinking more like the adults in your life whom you used to mock….

Honestly, I wouldn’t know.